By Tecknowledgy

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Created by Tecknowledgy

Format WAV

My first major placement came at a time where I was just crafting my sound as a producer. In 2010 I was introduced to an underground Pittsburgh rapper named Mac Miller. Mac advised I send him a few beats on the fly just to see what he could write. At the time “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” was racking up YouTube numbers and I was curious if I would make the cut. Come to find out not only did Mac use one of the beats for a song titled “Traffic in the Sky” but shot a video for the song and used the song as a promotional tool for Rocksmith Tokyo. That sky soaring sound is brought out today for the world to have.

Another record that has defined my upcoming sound as a producer was a song titled “Dear Raleigh” by Kooley High and Rapsody. This song was originally produced in a China Town hotel room at midnight right after a Kooley High show. The memories that went into that song I am glad to share with the world today. This song was recently played in front of a large crowd at PNC Arena for a Carolina Hurricanes home game. The sounds that played in that arena are brought to you today.

This kit is my gift to the world. I dug up the old FLP’s and remixed the chosen drums that I normally use on most of my beats today and reworked and re-mastered them in Ableton Live 9. The Drums that made those records now belong to you!

  •  100 Drum sounds (kicks, snares, claps, bongos, tambourines, drum breaks, shakers, sound effects and percussion) all formatted in 16 bit Wav format
  • Compatible with every DAW (Ableton, MPC, Reason, FL Studio, Logic, Studio One and more)
  •  6 Bongos, 11 Hi Hats, various shakers, tambourines, tombs and side sticks, 4 808 drums, 18 kicks, 14 drum breaks, swoosh and scratch effects, 8 claps and 19 snares
  •  All drum sounds reprocessed through Ableton Live 9, Waves mastering plugins and Izotope mastering plugins
  •  All sounds are from Tecknowledgy’s personal stash, some layered and mixed from beats featured on
  •  Also included are all of the drums used in Mac Miller’s “Traffic in the Sky” and Kooley High and Rapsody’s “Dear Raleigh”
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