Nokturnal Drums Volume One

By Nokturn

$ 29.99
Created by Nokturn
Format WAV

Known for his hard hitting drums and intricate programming skills The Hittaz own Nokturn delivers his debut kit. For years Nok has worked dilligently to perfect his craft, building himself a reputation for quality sounds... Sounds that you will now have access to. 

  • 100 NEW drum sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, snaps & more) in 16-bit/44 WAV format.
  • EXCLUSIVE drum-breaks and loops created with professional software, eq’d and processed.
  • NO compression or saturation. Carefully mastered sounds with NO “digital-clipping”. -All kicks and snares, hats and percussions, claps and breaks carefully layered & molded by myself to create 100% never before heard drums.
  • All drum sounds were created and hand-picked by Nokturn. Enjoy!
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