By Black Bell Beats

$ 29.99

Straight out of France, Black Bell Beats presents « POLYGONES », a sample pack containing 16 original compositions.

« The goal here was to create musical pieces that could be scored in 80’s Sci-Fi movies.

As producers, when we are digging for great samples, composition is a thing but texture is key!

We took our time and experimented a lot to get the right sound.

Instruments such as Rhodes MkI, Clavinet D6, TE OP1, Prophet 6 were recorded thru pedals and vintage mic preamps to get that real analog warmth. 

Hope you’ll be inspired!»


- 16 Original compositions by Black Bell Beats

- Analog warmth guaranteed

- 16/44.1 WAV files

- Compatible with any DAW

- Includes BPM









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