Screaming Pimp 2

By Konrad OldMoney

$ 29.99
Format: WAV
The pimp makes his return with a vengeance. Screamin' at them hoes until the hens and roosters start their morning rituals. "You a turkey-minded old bitch!" he says, in the most motivational of ways. This right here is the realest of the real... The fiercest of the fierce!!! This is Parker Brando the screamin' pimp with his new audio pack presented to you by Konrad OldMoney and Blap kits!
  • 56 melodic phrases and vox shots
  • 42 one shot screams and grunts
  • 120 pimpin’ phrases

Dive in and make your music shine the way it's supposed to. With gold teeth an errthang. His last masterpiece made it onto Pegboard Nerds track Bad Ass Mufucka (BAMF) Not much needs to be said. Just listen below


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