By Konrad OldMoney

$ 29.99
Created by Konrad OldMoney
Format: WAV

Introducing: Screaming PIMP
First off, a pimp gives praise where it’s due. So thank you my good people for contributing to the good cause of gold laden pimp cups and canes that another muthafucka wish he COULD have.
Now to the business my homies.
This funk filled vocal shot pack contains some of the truest pimpness known to mankind. The kind of pimpness that shakes a bitch’s soul right out her boots if she got caught slickin’ on the take.
Your girl actin’ up at home? Get creative. Load them shits up on your phone and if she ain’t in the kitchen or if she ain’t makin’ you your money, activate that mufucka and scream at a bitch!
Hit her with an “EEEYYY!!!!” or “ WHOOO!!! BITCH!” and so on and so forth.
Throw these screams into your music to give it some of that PIMPzazz that everyone in they life oh so desperately needs. You got 200 wet and dry shots to mess wit.
Go get it young pimpin.

  • 100 dry vocal shots for ultimate in your face raw pimpness
  • 100 wet vocal shots, ran through the pimpinest filters and compressors known to hoes
  • Recorded in true PIMP 24bit / 44100 Stereo
  • 550 megabytes of real-ass-shit
  • Hoes totally approve and do as they’re told
  • Compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc)
  • All sounds are royalty-free
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