$ 29.99
DK presents "Sex Cymbols and Seductive Percussion"
DK’s Sex Cymbols and Seductive Percussion is your one stop toolbox for royalty-free jazz percussion samples. This library of organic percussive sounds contains a wealth of tones, timbres and textures to spread out beneath, above and throughout your drum tracks. A selection of 81 live percussion one shot samples and 20 loops that can be used as-is (dry) or you add some flavorful fx to meet your production needs.
From resonant sleigh bells to unique sparkling finger cymbal samples, this sound pack contains a huge variety of vintage percussive flavours, ready and waiting to be injected straight into your next production!
Expect to find the following percussive instrument samples into both the “one shot” and “Perc loops” folders:
● Chimes
● Sleigh bells
● Finger Cymbals
● Rides
● Triangles
● Strung Bells
● Flex-a-
● Tone
● Various Cymbal Swells
● Metal
● Glass
● Elephant Bells
● Various Bell Clusters
● Woodblocks
From golden-era hip-hop to downtempo, these characterful samples will shine and shimmer through a huge range of musical settings.
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