By Konrad OldMoney

$ 29.99
Created by Konrad OldMoney
Format: WAV

Introducing, TABLA PIMP! The comprehensive tabla loop library designed to keep the ladies moving and the dance-floor shaking! Stand out from the rest of the noise out there with the help of this ear-drum-wooing kit.
All loops were played and recorded in a sweaty room full of baby powder, shocked onlookers behind sealed glass panes and motivational cheerleaders. Rhythms recoded, engineered and curated by producer Konrad OldMoney, who passionately yelled and flapped his arms around in a studio, while a real seasoned tabla pimp executed various loops.
We all know what it's like to sit at home all day eating cheezits and making beats while the world passes us by. Well with TABLA PIMP, you have the help you need in restoring your social life to some sort of acceptable level! Make your music hits at home, play them shits out at the club, put them in record pools for DJ's to drop on the dance-floor, and watch the girls flock to your place of residence in droves! That's right, this is a possibility! And TABLA PIMP is your ticket to coolness and acceptance once and for all!

  • 80 tabla loops recoded and synced to various tempos ranging from 110 - 140
  • Recorded in True Stereo for a sparkling dynamic aimed to make all the girls FINALLY NOTICE YOU!
  • Bonus single hit sounds for ultimate creative rhythm and flexibility (like Yoga!)
  • Tested on moms, daughters, church going ladies and ratchet club hopping girls next door
  • Comes in Stereo WAV 16/44 formatting
  • Compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc)
  • All sounds are royalty-free

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