The Lost Samples Vol. 1

By JayTwo

$ 29.99
Created by JayTwo
Format: WAV
From !llmind's own super producer group "The H!ttaz", the young producer JayTwo has brought kitsohard something major to the table. He has delivered 20 original royalty-free samples crafted specifically for the purpose of taking YOUR production game into an entirely different spectrum. Each individual sample was carefully composed and mixed to perfection; and as if that's not enough he also included a bonus of 100 found percussion one-shots straight from his personal collection that add deep textures into the already immersive samples. These soundscapes tell a story, its as if they pull you into a whole different universe just by listening.
The Lost Samples Vol. 1 includes:

• 20 original samples
• BPM & Stems for each sample
• Compatible with any DAW
•High-quality 16bit WAV files
•  Master clearance guaranteed
• BONUS: 100 found percussion one-shots

*If you place a record on a MAJOR LABEL using the sample(s), you will split the publishing with JayTwo & Co-Production credit (CONTACT: if this is the case). NO sample clearing hassles at all.
If the sample(s) are used on any NON MAJOR LABEL platforms, you can do anything you'd like with them (upload to Soundcloud, sell the beat to indy artist, include on beat-tape, etc etc.


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